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On our 20th anniversary, we came up with a coup and new idea, where the classical bookbinding techniques meet contemporary art. Cooperating with young Hungarian artists, we have started a Contemporary Artists Series in 2017. They are published yearly. In the 2019-2020 period, we asked Aliz Buzas to collaborate with us, and we will release two types of diaries with different motives, and a bullet journal.  Aliz is a freelance illustrator, who likes to play with forms, patterns and colours.  She draws like a maniac in cafés, in restaurants or during meetings with her marker pens or draw pad. She would like to show her colourful and playful reality.  She has been invited to collaborate with the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport, Facebook and The Washington Post. Attracted by the novelty, she likes to try new things but often returns to urban transport as a theme or the relationship between architecture and citizens. These are the topics she also would like to show on her graphics for Bomo Art.     This series is only available with weekly planner and a version with weekly planner and extra note sheets. Both of them contains the Hungarian name days. They will be available from 2019 autumn to 2020 autumn.  These diaries are for 2020.