The Bomo Art Wall Calendar will not only be the decoration of your apartment or office but it will teach you something new every month. We have collected colourful stories, legends, and curiosities in Hungarian and in English. In our wall calendars, months are illustrated by our wrapping paper designs. We have carefully selected the perfect hand-drawn motives and stories for the 12 months. On these enlarged images, you can see the detailed hand-drawn graphics. We rubricate the days to large sections, to ensure that you can mark important dates, appointments, birthdays on it. Hungarian name days appear in the calendar as well as the national holidays, and special international days that we consider important. Such as the Home Made Bread Day, World Oceans Day or the Ugliest Dog Day.  When the year is over, you can use these beautiful images in several ways, for example, cut them out and frame them. It is easy to hang on any vertical surface, due to its foldout structure and staple bound. 

Size: 24.5 x 32 (24.5 x 64) cm    

Price: 9.3€
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