For the 2023 Wall Calendar, we've put together a beautiful new series of details and motifs mixed from our most popular wrapping papers and greeting cards, including new additions 'Soul of Bread' and 'The Nine Lives of Cats' graphics. For each consecutive month, we've not only highlighted the subtle motifs of the most beautiful hand-drawn designs but also given you a glimpse into the discovery of the finer details. For each month, we have interesting facts, legends and stories that might add a little spice to the sometimes monotonous everyday life. With the 2023 Bomo Wall Calendar, you can learn something new every month. The handy table system lets you write down your to-dos and stick in your reminders. You can also make the calendar clearer by highlighting your entries with different colours, stickers and tiny stamps. In addition to Hungarian name days, we've also included national holidays and selected world days that draw attention to ideas and initiatives that are important to us. Use this versatile wall calendar to keep track of your family's activities or your work.  

Size: 32 x 24,5 cm    

Special price: 5.7€
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