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Welcome Ocean Life design

We are proudly presenting you our freshest design: Ocean Life. We have been inspired by the countless different shapes and incredible colours of water life and would like to share this passion with you. This vibrant new design will be your favourite, if you love nature either being a women or a men.

Welcome Ocean Life design
Favourite combination

Kedvenc kombináció Kedvenc kombináció Red&Travelling

The red cow leather with Travelling design is amazing! We love this combination! 

You can buy this combination at:


Bomoart in media

Written in Made by Hand - Black Dog Publishing new book - April, 2014

Made by hand

Intricate, original hand drawn illustration of Budapest landmarks in nineteenth-century splendour, musical scorews and traditional style botanical imagery, amongst other things, adorn the hand crafted stationery of Bomo Art.

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Big hand 3indok
Kocka 1  Timeless and durable

By choosing a Bomo Art product you choose quality. When creating each Bomo Art product we make sure that our journals, diaries and photo albums etc. are not only appealing, but durable as well. We work with only the best raw materials (fine quality watermarked paper, strong goat and lamb skins) and the most durable hand binding technique. Thus you can flip through your Bomo Art diary or take notes in your journal as often as you like without being afraid that it may fall to pieces.


Kocka 2  Unique graphic designs

For those who appreciate unique designs, Bomo Art is the perfect choice. Our graphics are original designs and hand-drawn by our graphic artist. This means that you will not find the same designs anywhere else. Bomo Art products are simply unmistakable. Do you want to make it even more unique? If you want to have your own unique Bomo Art product we can design and create it for you.

egyedi grafika

Kocka 3  Creates order in your life

Bomo Art offers you products to sort and store your recipes, important contact details, documents, smaller objects, accessories, CDs, etc… The most important thing; however, is to keep order not only in your handbag and desk, but in your mind as well, keeping an account of your future commitments. For instance: a Bomo Art diary can save your future appointment, a Bomo simple Ring folder can structure your documents, a Bomo Art Register can save all important contact details etc.


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