After long planning, Bomo Art's repertoire is expanded with a beautiful game, the Bomo Puzzle! During the puzzle game, you can get to know all the details of our meticulous, hand-painted and drawn patterns. Even if you are familiar with certain graphics, you will now be able to get lost in pen- and brush strokes and discover new scenes. We all tried to play with small and large puzzle jigsaws in our childhood. It taught us patience and developed our logic. Later, even in adulthood, we will happily return to this game. Great for developing cognitive and fine motor skills and social, emotional and language skills. Solving puzzles strengthens the existing connections between our brain cells and increases the creation of new connections. Improves mental speed and thought processes. It can be played alone, in a team, or as a family program. The Bomo Puzzle comes with three designs (Balloons, Planetarium, and Wild Animals) and is enclosed in a beautiful gift box, where inside, we hid the 1000-piece puzzle in a small canvas bag. To help a little, we attached the sample picture. It will be a great success to fit the small, detailed pieces together and see the final result. Bomo Puzzle is a beautiful game, an excellent activity for the long winter evenings and relaxing days spent with the family.  1 000 pieces of puzzles Box size: 13 x 25 cm Picture size: 52 x 72 cm