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Our half fabric bound journal is truly a colorful friend in the day-to- day activities. You can use it for notes, studying, work or just for putting down some rhymes if you are inspired anywhere, anytime. You are the one, who lays down the foundation of your friendship. Besides the strokes of your pen, you can also store slips of papers, important documents in your diary, or a shopping list from the bottom of your fridge door. Its rubber band keeps all these papers locked up and safe. If for your writing, you like to pick tissues of exclusively plant origin, then this diary is for you! We are using varied colors, which bind our high quality ruled papers decorated with hand-made graphical designs. Pick one for yourself!

We added 4 extra colors to the fabric bound journal collection’s color palette. Sky blue, Grass green, Eggplant and Nature fabric bound will protect the book spines. We predict a big success especially for this last color because it’s look like raw linen canvas. We absolutely love it. We also decided to create a new B7 size journal as a little brother to the the previous A5 size. It has also lined sheets, and Its rubber band keeps all these papers locked up and safe.  

Price: 15.9€