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Terms and conditions - WEBSHOP

You can order online from the Bomo Art Budapest Kft. at www.bomoart.com.


You can find a detailed description of every product on its separate informational page on the website. The price is always indicated next to the chosen product. The price always includes VAT but it never includes the freight. Bomo Art Budapest Kft. retains the right to change the pricing.

In the case of promotional products, the promotion is only valid while stocks last. If we cannot serve you due to a lack of stock, we will notify you via the email address you previously provided.

As we offer handmade products please take into account that there can be some deviation in sizes - as defined in our website.

Ordering process

You can place an order electronically via the website of Bomo Art Budapest Kft.
After placing your order, you will receive an automatic message to indicate that Bomo Art Budapest Kft. has received and stored your order. You will receive this message regardless of stock.
The prices indicated in the Bomo Art Budapest Kft.’s webshop always include VAT but it does NOT include the freight. Freight cost will be added at the end of your purchasing process right before final checkout and payment. 
An automatic email will inform you of the exact date when your order is expected to be ready. 

In case you own an international VAT number and you would like to use it for your order please contact us at bomo.sales@bomoart.com before entering your order. Please be aware that it is only accepted for wholesale orders. The prices in the webshop always include taxes what we cannot guarantee to refund.


In case of shipping to a Hungarian location, or personal pick up the following payment methods are possible: prepayment (Borgun credit card or via bank transfer) The goods are dispatched once the payment has arrived at our account. 

In the case of international delivery: international bank transfer, Borgun credit card payment and PayPal payment. When choosing the bank transfer method, please note you have 5 workdays to settle the amount after your order will be cancelled.

In case of requests for special text on the binding and debossing only advanced payment is accepted and Bank transfer is unavailable.

Contact information and location of the personal collection

Bomo Art Budapest KFT
14 Régiposta street, Budapest, 1052, Hungary
Tax number: 14338470-2-41
Bank account number (EURO): IBAN: HU21 12012156-01662608-00200005
(Name and address of the bank: Raiffeisen Bank, 6 Akadémia street 1054 Budapest, Hungary
Telephone numbers: +36 70 416 2470


The ordered items - depending on stocks - will be delivered in 10-15 days. Our products are shipped by FámaFutár courier company within Hungary and FedEx worldwide. The amount of freight is calculated upon the weight, size and type of packaging. However, if you buy over HUF 25,000, we will deliver your order in Hungary free of charge. Half of the international shipping fee is on us over 180 EUR (shipping fee excluded). Which will be transferred back, after the purchase within 30 days. This limit is also valid if you place your order in two of our webshops at almost the same time and we combine their deliveries.

In case Bomo Art Budapest Kft. cannot deliver your order due to lack of stock, you will be notified of the expected delivery date.
You can collect your order personally at Bomo Art Budapest Kft.’s shop (14 Régiposta street, Budapest, 1052) after being notified of the date you can collect your order. Please note that the order can be taken within ten working days from the notification. After this period the non-received orders will be cancelled, and the reservation of the products will be dissolved. If you are unable to receive the products during this time, please contact us at admin@bomoart.com or on +3670 416 2470. Naturally, in this case, the payable amount does not include any delivery charges. 
Our webshop does not charge any fee on packaging on incoming orders. If you order wrapping papers we pack them in envelope folded up to 10 sheets, unless the customer chooses the delivery in tube option. Please note that it has extra charges.
In case the delivery was unsuccessful, the courier will leave a notice for you.

Due to the current global COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation, many admission/delivery addresses are temporarily subject to multiple restrictions so that delays can be expected beyond the transit times specified in the systems! For FedEx Express Priority shipments within Europe, the transit time may vary to 2-3 business days, depending on the pickup/delivery location. Service expectation for intra-Europe FedEx Express Priority is 2 days but can go up to 3 days depending on the origin/destination of the shipment.

Bomo Art Budapest Kft. is not responsible for any delayed or unsuccessful delivery nor expected to pay any compensation due to these.

Please note that there may be duties and/or foreign taxes applied by customs towards your order when delivery is made outside the European Union. We are unable to be held responsible for these charges, and they will not be reimbursed or refunded by Bomo Art Budapest. If you are unsure of the charges and whether you will be affected, please contact your local customs office to find out more information.

Delivery together

If you have another order on the Shopify page of Bomo Art Budapest (www.bomo-art-budapest.myshopify.com/) and you want us to ship the ordered products to you together, contact us (please don't forget to refer to your order numbers) at the email address admin@bomoart.com. If the orders placed on the two different websites results in the final calculation (based on the total weight and added volume of the contents of the two orders) you have paid more shipping costs than the actual shipping amount, we will refund the difference to you. We can only provide you with this opportunity if you notify us at the email address mentioned above within a maximum of 24 hours after placing your order on the Bomo Art Budapest Shopify website. Moreover, the confirmed delivery date of your order on www.bomoart.com has not yet expired, or you have not yet received a letter from us informing you that we have handed over your order to the courier service.



Purchased products can only be exchanged if they are proved to be faulty.

Refund policy

Once Bomo Art Budapest Kft. has confirmed the expected date of completion of the ordered item, you can opt-out of purchase within 48 hours. You must notify Bomo Art Budapest Kft. of your intention via admin@bomoart.com email address. In case you decide to opt-out of purchase and you informed us in time as indicated above, you are not required to pay any kind of compensation.

After receiving your order you can opt-out of the purchase for 14 days without any explanation. The applicable conditions are recorded in European law.
„The customer cannot practice his right of opt-out in the absence of distinct agreement of both parties - in the case of purchasing such item which has been produced according to proper and exclusive customer instructions and personalized order. " According to this phrase Bomo Art Budapest Kft. solely proves the right of opt-out without any explanation in the case of purchasing: wrapping papers, greeting cards, postcards, gift cards, and our Simple product line ( simple journals, notebook boxes, ring folders, clipboards). In the case of purchasing any other type of product - as they are produced by hand upon personal request, after the confirmation of customer exclusively produced to him in our workshop - the right of opt-out is only demandable, when the fault of Bomo Art Budapest Kft. can be proved, or the item received is damaged or received in a faulty condition.

You can validate your right to opt-out from the arrival date of your order.

You must return the product in its original, intact state with the invoice attached, to Bomo Art Budapest Kft. (14 Régiposta street, Budapest, 1052). We are only obliged to take back products that are intact in every form, (i.e. state, content and packaging) and only in that case you are entitled to a full refund. If you decide to opt-out of the purchase you are not required to pay any kind of compensation, but you are responsible for returning the delivered order and this cost is on the customer. You must notify Bomo Art Budapest Kft. of your intention to opt-out of the purchase via admin@bomoart.com email address.

In case you cannot return the product in its intact state, Bomo Art Budapest Kft. is not able to take it back, thus the product will be sent back to you at your expense.
If the customer decides to opt-out of a purchase, Bomo Art Budapest Kft. is obliged to pay a full refund without any delay, or in 30 days after the opting out takes place or the product is returned.
The refund does not include the costs of returning the product, which must be paid by the customer.
Bomo Art Budapest Kft refunds the cost of original delivery above, the price of the ordered item ONLY in case if the opt-out is the evidence of the fault of Bomo Art Budapest Kft., respectively the product arrives to the customer damaged or in a faulty condition.
Bomo Art Budapest Kft. is entitled to require compensation in case the product becomes faulty because of improper use.

Additional terms and conditions

Limitation of liability

Your purchase makes us assume that you are fully familiar with and accept the possibilities and restrictions provided by the Internet, with special regards to technical or any other problems.
Bomo Art Budapest Kft. is not responsible for the following issues, regardless of their origin.

- Data sent or received via the Internet
- Bugs preventing the operation of the webshop or completing a purchase
- Bugs concerning the communicational channels or any means of communication
- Loss of any information, data or message
- Inadequate operation of a software
- Consequences of any technical problems

We are not liable to sell products that appear in the cart on a lower price due to technical problems, not even if the order was paid for. In this case the list price should be paid, or the the costumer can refuse to buy the product. 

You are responsible for protecting the data stored on your computer from illegal intrusions.
Solely the customer is responsible for connecting to the webshop and completing a purchase.
Bomo Art Budapest Kft. is not responsible for a vis major or any events outside its control.
Bomo Art Budapest Kft.  retains the right to change pricing or deadlines. The change is valid from the moment it appears in the webshop.
Bomo Art Budapest Kft. retains the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions or the webshop itself.
Any change made is valid from the moment it appears in the webshop.
If you do not agree with the changes made you should not complete your purchase by any means.
Bomo Art Budapest Kft. is entitled to sue anyone who commits or tries to commit fraud. But Bomo Art Budapest Kft. is not responsible for a fraud committed by a third party organization or at the expense of a customer.
In case a customer violates the terms and conditions Bomo Art Budapest Kft. is entitled to suspend the customer`s registration or purchase and the customer cannot make an appeal.

Suspending a customer

Bomo Art Budapest Kft. retains the right to suspend, or delete customers from our system who despite being notified electronically or by phone do not collect two consecutive orders from the courier company.


Customer acknowledges that all the designs of papers with the trademark of Bomo Art Budapest Kft / Bomo Art Budapest are copyrighted and are under design protection and shall not make any copy thereof and the customer is fully aware of the resulting consequences as stipulated in the Hungarian Civil Code and the Act. No. LXXVI.of 1999. on intellectual property rights. The products manufactured by the customer from the decor papers of Bomo Art Budapest Kft. are only allowed to be sold if it has been approved by Bomo Art Budapest Kft.