Every year, we have ensured that the new month in the wall calendar is joyful. We wanted to make you happy every other month when you check the following picture in your home or office. In the wall calendar, we share an exciting story each month, somehow related to the featured images from Bomo Art's greeting cards or wrapping paper designs. We rubricate the days into large sections to ensure you can mark important dates, appointments, and birthdays. Hungarian name days appear in the calendar beside the bilingual (English and Hungarian) national holidays. We have also outlined some special international days that will raise your attention to the thoughts and initiatives we strongly believe in. Extraordinary printing demands extraordinary design paper. The uncoated smooth surface of Munken Pure and its cream-white shade convey distinct features to images and give an exclusive, authentic appeal. Munken Pure is developed for offset print. The best possible choice for the Bomo Art Wall Calendars. The incredibly sparkling colours of the detailed watercolours and pencil drawings can really unfold on this surface. We hope you will also fall in love with it and fill it with super programs. Size: 24.5 x 32 (24.5 x 64) cm      

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