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As a movement, the Bauhaus was the most influential milestone in the history of modern art. It also functioned as an art workshop and a reform school. Its inspired countless subsequent art movements and tendencies, in but its original program was to build a gap between art and industry and offer an aesthetic reform of life. The Bauhaus movement had a profound influence on subsequent developments in art, architecture, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, and typography. Due to the political process in Germany, many artists, architects, designers, writers, intellectuals emigrated, leading to the Bauhaus approach and movement to other Western European cities such as Rotterdam, then later Chicago and Tel Aviv. We would like to celebrate the 100th anniversary with Limited Edition Bauhaus collection that contains diaries and journals with our previous Bauhaus illustrations and decor papers. We named our Bauhaus illustrations after the cities where Bauhaus had spread out. For the journals, we chose matching colour fabric-bound and rubber strap. Each has an extraordinary certificate inside that draws attention to the limited edition series. Journals are available until stock lasts in the shops and webshop.     Journals are available with two types of paper sheets, the bigger journal is with lined pages, the smaller with plain pages.